Six strategies to excellence

The Lime Trust is ambitious, optimistic and forward-looking; it celebrates diversity and promotes wellbeing

  1. 1 Putting children first

    A moral purpose to place pupils’ learning and wellbeing at the centre of all that we do

  2. 2 Setting the Standard

    Defining very high standards of practice within each academy and ensuring that they apply universally in every classroom (Lime Trust Principles and Procedures), for every teacher and every pupil; with challenge at all levels to ensure that all children have the very best opportunity

  3. 3 Capacity rich schools

    Opportunities for professional growth at all levels, for the workforce to continually build and thereby extend the ability of the school to deliver outstanding teaching and learning. Capacity also means great resource management to support learning and the best systems

We will:

  1. 4 Recruit and retain quality first teachers

  2. 5 Grow young leaders in all school

  3. 6 Deliver rapid and sustained improvements