Lime Academy Ridgeway- Initial Community Consultation

In February 2016 the Lime Trust submitted a free school proposal to the DfE  for new school in the Ridgeway area of Enfield.

Prior to submission, the Lime Trust team undertook extensive consultation with members of the local community through; attendance at meetings, hosting events, via local news publications, and via correspondence, leaflets and posters.

During the consultation we met with and received feedback from:

    • Parents and carers of preschool  and school age children
    • Local businesses
    • Primary schools
    • Secondary schools
    • Nurseries, pre-schools and playgroups
    • Community groups and organisations
    • Local councillors and MPs
    • Employees of the Local Authority

The outcomes and responses to these consultations informed our proposal for a new school ‘Lime Academy Ridgeway.

Click to view additional consultation leaflets and information:

Community Consultation Leaflet/Posters

Free School Consultation      Free School Consultation

Community Consultation Postcard

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