Our Approach

The Lime Trust, a not-for-profit organisation, is the outcome of detailed discussion by parents, governors and education professionals about the best way to generate and make best use of school improvement capability. We have researched and built into the Trust clear Multi Academy Trust [MAT] /sponsor/academy accountabilities, strong governance and a powerful commitment to improving joining schools.

The Trust is committed to:

Setting the standard – for all pupils, all staff, all parents and stakeholders

Putting children first – a moral purpose to place pupils’ learning and wellbeing at the centre of all that we do

Capacity rich schools

The Lime Trust is ambitious, optimistic and forward looking. We aim to build capacity in our academies. We will celebrate diversity and promote wellbeing.

We will deliver rapid and sustained improvement in large primary schools

Our team has direct experience of taking a large primary school through from failure to being a high-quality, high-morale school that continues to improve. We have structured proven approaches to teaching core subjects within a curriculum promoting wellbeing for all and competition. Our experience of highly effective management models is transferable to other, similar school settings.

We will grow young leaders to headship in challenging schools

Larkswood Primary Academy has a cadre of outstanding young leaders in a model of distributed leadership, ready now for further responsibilities, and the Lime Trust will talent-spot across all its schools to develop and reward excellent practitioners. A new generation of young leaders, with new outlooks and aspirations, can find their place in the open opportunities offered by the Trust. The freedoms of a MAT will allow us to move staff between schools to meet needs and for career progression.

We will recruit and retain the very best teachers to deliver Quality First teaching

The most important thing in any school is the quality of the teacher in the classroom, where quality learning takes place. We will build on our strong foundations of initial teacher training including Schools Direct programmes, high-quality internal CPD with inspirational visiting speakers and the encouragement of staff to take up quality external training challenges.

“Capacity rich schools are essential to ensure schools remain secure and sustainable longterm”

Lynne Harrowell, CEO Lime Trust