Larkswood Primary Academy

Lynne Harrowell, CEO Lime Trust – A journey of rapid change and sustainable improvement…….

“Just five weeks after I took up the post of Head Teacher in September 2011, the school failed an Ofsted inspection.  The inspection report described a typically failing school that was not recognising its poor standards of achievement, unsatisfactory teaching and poor support systems.  The school’s pupils were being let down.

I brought fresh, strong leadership, challenged low standards and set a non-negotiable pace for improvement.  Recruitment and retention issues were challenged and addressed.  There was stringent training introduced for the delivery of core subjects.  By the end of that year, the percentage of 11 year olds reaching the required level in SATs rose by 19%.  For boys in English the increase was +24%.

In early November 2012, Ofsted rated the school as ‘good’.  Since then Larkswood Primary Academy has continued to improve.  Larkswood Primary Academy has a strong leadership team who have worked extremely hard, with ruthless determination to secure sustainable, continued improvement.”

Larkswood Primary Academy in 2016 received a record number of first choice place requests.

All Reception places in September 2016 will taken by children of parents who requested that their children attend Larkswood Primary Academy.