CPD Provision

Lime Trust is outward looking and committed to building capacity rich schools that set the standard in high quality education.

By ‘capacity-rich schools’ we mean opportunities for professional growth at all levels, to build the skills of the whole workforce and thereby extend the ability of the school to deliver outstanding teaching and learning. We expect very high standards of practice within each academy, standards that apply universally in every classroom, for every teacher and every pupil.

We provide a high quality NQT training programme. This is designed for our Schools Direct ITT graduates and for new teachers recruited as NQTs into the Trust - and the programme is open to other schools and academies to enroll their NQTs onto our course. This has proved very valuable in particular for individual local schools.

Our Training & Development arm periodically invests in and engages exceptional inspirational speakers; joins with current research programmes; and highlights legislation led development opportunities. These CPD events are open to non-Lime staff to join us. 

Please get in touch with us for further information or to book places at events we advertise.

I have found my NQT training highly effective in continuing my professional development this year. All sessions have been informative, engaging and insightful into different areas of the curriculum. I have gained confidence and have applied what I have learned into areas within my planning, teaching and classroom management.

NQT programme participant